The Collective Power Network: A Statement

We would like to first acknowledge that this publication was created by former members of the now-defunct Collective Power Network. We also acknowledge that our former caucus dissolved in a brutish and hurtful way to a lot of people, ourselves especially, and take full responsibility for our respective parts in that unraveling. While we do not–and would never–claim that our former caucus was a force for total and enduring good in the organization, we all remain proud of one of our caucus’s biggest achievements: The Organizer. 

The Organizer, some pieces from which will be reprinted here, raised the level of debate in DSA and presented arguments about structure, electoral work, materialism, and more, that have become consensus positions among the serious organizers in DSA. We hope to be able to continue that work through Mass and contribute what we can to making this organization stronger, more stable, and more thoughtful.